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About the artist

Michal Bendzel Friedman’s has been designing jewelry since 1998.Before making her career as a jewelry designer she was a makeup artist in the film, television and commercial field. Michal always looked at life with an artistic view.

She studied jewelry design taking private lessons with different teachers and at the same time she is constantly studying and taking courses in various fields in order to enrich her knowledge, advances her capabilities and vision. This gives her the eminence and creativity to keep designing and produce her beautiful lines of jewelry. Amongst many courses she took are: Philosophy, Photography, drawing and marketing.

15 years ago Michal became a vegan. She studied this field and became an expert. This type of life (including practicing yoga) influences her design of jewelry and is substantial in every part and detail of her being.


Michal's- Philosophy:

I often refer back to my previous career in the arts to draw inspiration from the colors, beauty and raw elements into my designs that combine modern with touches of ethnic and classic. I handcraft fluid, organic forms using gold, silver and integrated precious gemstones to invent new works-of-art to connect the wearer to the piece itself. My experimentation with precious metals and unique gemstones carve a primal-luxe aesthetic with an unapologetically confident appeal, suitable for day to day wear.

It is utmost important for me to use materials that can be recycled and conflict free gemstones and to integrate a lot of color to my jewelry.