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Ring Sizing

The ring has to go on and off easily from the finger.
The best way to check for your size is to get yourself measured at a jewelry store.
If this is not feasible try to check here
But notice that this is only a guide therefore I cannot be responsible for incorrect ring size determination.

Custom & Personalized Orders

Yes, custom orders based on my designs are possible.
Different stones can also be customized.

Can I pay with a Payment Plan?

Yes, you can pay with a payment plan. You have the option of how many payments you would like to pay and the frequency of the payments. I will send you the first invoice with the first order. After each payment I will send you the next one. When the last payment is made, I begin working on your order.

Gift Wrapping & Packaging

All my jewelry will get to you in a Michal Bendzel - gift jewelry boxes.
Let me know if you need wrapping for a present.


What is the difference between 14k, 18k, and 24k?

Karat represents the amount of gold that exists in the material alloy (alloy-mixing of several materials together). Pure gold has 24 parts of gold, 18 Karat has 18 parts of gold and other materials mixed. Therefore, there are different prices for different Karat.


Is white gold really white?

No, the real color of white gold is yellow gray.
For the white color it has to be coated with rhodium.